Kohmetscher Announces Retirement from Futures

Kohmetscher Announces Retirement from Futures

Wellington, KS—After 36 years of service as president/CEO, Tom Kohmetscher will retire effective July 1, 2024.  

Reflecting on his time at Futures, Tom emphasizes, “It’s been an immense honor and joy to serve as the president/CEO for these past 36 years. I’ve always been deeply proud of what this organization—and its exceptional, dedicated staff—has achieved despite the inherent challenges in our field. Since its inception, the agency has consistently played a crucial role in the lives of the County’s men, women, and children, who require additional support to thrive and be as independent as possible. This mission entrusted to us has always been a cause for celebration because it truly embodies the power of rural communities uniting to support each other–regardless of their unique needs.”

“Tom’s leadership of, and dedication to, our agency and the people it serves is unmatched,” shares Phil White, Chairman of the Futures Unlimited Board of Directors. “His enthusiasm and work ethic are contagious and benefited not only Futures Unlimited, but the entire community. Our organization is what it is today because of Tom’s vision and ability to draw out the strengths of his entire team.”

White continued, “The Futures Unlimited Board of Directors has been planning for leadership succession for a couple of years now and is excited to announce that Christa Jones, our director of program services, has been named the organization’s new president/CEO. She brings over 33 years of experience in all aspects of our daily operations and actively participates in the agency’s strategic planning and program development.  She’s always worked closely with Tom and the board in all aspects of the agency, so the transition should go seamlessly.” 

A Notable Career
Kohmetscher became the agency’s third executive director in 1988, following Jack Allen and Bill Brotten. Coming to Futures with previous experience in direct care, special education, governmental regulatory compliance, national disability-related consulting, and community-based program development and operations, he was well qualified to lead the agency forward during a period of expansion and diversification.   

During Kohmetscher’s tenure, he guided the organization through several significant initiatives, including the expansion of residential and work programs, the expansion of the agency’s special education preschool and early intervention programs, the establishment of Head Start/Early Head Start services, the expansion of the County’s General Public Transportation services, and the development of the County’s only Section 811 HUD subsidized apartment complex, Northfield Apartments, in Caldwell. Over the years, while advocating for the importance of rural community programs supporting persons with disabilities, he’s also been active on various local, state, and national associations, boards, task forces, and committees.

Kohmetscher leaves the organization in solid financial standing with a leadership and management team that is cohesive, highly skilled, and committed to the organization’s mission. “Leaving an organization that has been so dear to me for so many years is certainly bittersweet. But knowing it’s in such capable hands is of great comfort,” shares Kohmetscher. “While life for me will most certainly change, I will always look back with the fondest memories of the incredible folks who are and have been Futures Unlimited. I look forward to continuing my support and advocacy for rural Kansans with disabilities.”

About Futures Unlimited, Inc. Futures Unlimited, Inc. has been the trusted provider of community-based support for men and women with Developmental Disabilities, Head Start and Early Head Start programs for children and families, and General Public Transportation for 48 years. Futures gives people of every age the help they need with the dignity they deserve. Our mission says it all: “Empowerment, inclusion and opportunity–our passion, our mission.”