Staff Directory





Alicia Riggs - Transportation Coordinator
620.326.8906 ext 228

Bill Loop - Work Products Specialist
620.326.8906 ext 231

Christa Jones - Dir. of Community Supports
620.326.8906 ext 204

Cristy Newlin - Vocational Service Coordinator

 620.326.8906 ext 227

Doug Norris - Chief Financial Officer
620.326.8906 ext 210 

Heidi Reichenberger - Preschool Coordinator
620-326-8906 ext 236

Jodi Weir- Human Resource Coordinator
620.326.8906 ext 220

Jennifer Biehler - Director of Head Start
620.326.8906 ext 215

Johnna Leonard - Residential Supports Coordinator
620.326.8906 ext 219

Joni Hall - Business Services Assistant
620.326.8906 ext 208

Sunni Bales - Administrative Assistant
620.326.8906 ext 212

Tom Kohmetscher - President and Chief Executive Officer
620.326.8906 ext 202

Tracy Stuhlsatz - Information Systems Specialist
620.326.8906 ext 222

Trisha Logan - Communications Specialist
620.326.8906 ext 242

We're having Walk-In Interviews May 29 from 12-6 pm in the Futures Admin Bldg.
We would like to take this opportunity to let the many direct support professionals (DSPs) who work at Futures Unlimited know how very much they are appreciated.
Children like Easton could be eligible to receive full day preschool services at Futures Unlimited, Inc. beginning in September thanks to a recent Head Start expansion.
January 2017 - Do you want to help Futures Unlimited? Are you a Dillon’s shopper? With the Dillon’s Community Rewards Program you can support Futures Unlimited just by shopping at Dillon’s!